You’ve probably been hearing a lot of the amazing delicacy which are nootropic Green Drinks and that has you researching about how you can reap these claimed benefits. Well, you’ve come to the right place if you’re just starting out on your supplementation and enhancement journey as this article covers exactly what you need to know before buying your first Green Drink.

Ensure There Aren’t Any Added Preservatives

Green Drinks are acclaimed for their entirely organic and natural nature and hence they shouldn’t need any added sugar or other forms of sweeteners for the purposes of enhancing taste. An example would be corn syrup. To ensure you aren’t being sold something that’s in fact just a pseudo green drink, always check the label to make sure that there’s nothing in the green juice powder which isn’t a green vegetable.

Check For Veggies Overpowering Fruits

It’s called a green juice for a reason. The importance of vegetables like spinach, kale and sometimes coriander is essential in making a green drink and granting it the capacities required to make available to you the fantastic benefits that you deserve. If the ingredients list contains more fruits than vegetables, be doubtful and if the sugar content on the nutrients label is more than ten grams per serving, be sure that you’ve got yourself a fruit juice in your hands and not a green juice.

Fibre, On The Other Hand, Is An Added Plus

While green veggies are largely prominent for their low sugar content and majority of vegetables, it wouldn’t hurt if your special concoction also contained some roughage. That’d only aid in cleansing your digestive tract and improve its abilities to allow food to sustainably pass through it.

Look For The Cold-Pressed Variants

Cold-pressed juices should always be preferred and for a very simple reason: they retain much more of their nutritional value than green juices processed using heat. That being said, such variants are also usually more expensive; bang for the buck after all. If you’ve the money, definitely spend it on the cold-pressed options but it’s definitely not a deal breaker as even heat-pressed variants will still provide you with enormous benefits over having nothing at all in the form of such supplementation.

Go For The Non-GMO Variant

Studies have concluded that organic farming produces vegetables that have significantly more magnesium, iron and potassium than their conventional counterparts. However, if you find organic produce to be too expensive for your taste, try, at the least, to swing for non-GMO variants.

Healthy Fat Isn’t The Worst Thing In The World

Sweeter and calorically richer green juices aren’t the end of the world as they sometimes allow you to prevent a ‘sugar crash’ which would otherwise happen in the long run of avoiding sugar contents in your diet. Such consumption allows you to ease energy generation, digestion and also absorption of nutrients.