Green Drinks, as you’d probably know, are dense drinks compressed with various blends of vitamins, minerals, probiotics and proteins. Some people recommend them as a meal substitute for weight loss while others like to advance its use as a great supplement for energizing, detoxification and a healthier life in general. These are just a few of the various other benefits that Green drinks provide to the human body. Here’s a list covering some more of them:

Cause Higher Nutritional Absorption

If being made with green veggies like kale, coriander, spinach and lettuce brings one benefit, it’s their extreme nutritional goodness. Green Drinks can readily be a great source of a whole host of micro and macronutrients for the body. Once consumed, their liquid and powdered nature allows it to pass quite quickly through the digestive system, allowing these nutrients to enter the bloodstream and reach organs in a very short span of time.

Promote Natural Weight Loss

As mentioned above, these drinks are essentially compressed juices made from vegetables, fruits and some herbs. This grants some green drinks a good caloric value while also not making it too calorie intensive for the people watching their weight. This optimum blend of nutritional value paired with adequate calories for the body allows people to feel full after consuming it at an appropriate time like breakfast or dinner.

Making you feel full, Green drinks can be an extremely vital tool in your journey to lose weight – while being totally natural!

Improve Hydration

Our bodies are essentially two-thirds water, and that makes it a very crucial part of our daily intake. An average person needs to consume at least 2.7 liters of water a day. However, most people fall short of that goal and that’s where Green Drinks come in. By simply adding more water to your green drink, it’ll allow you to get closer to your 2.7 liter mark.

Better Digestive Processes

Around 70 million individuals in the developed world are affected by digestive disorders in some shape or form, most of which can likely be prevented, cured or at least subdued with making roughage/fiber a crucial part of our diet. Green Drinks, fortunately, contain large stores of fiber and roughage – likely from leafy vegetables and herbs – which make it a great addition to your daily diet if you’re planning on taking care of your gut.

Help Prevent Kidney Stones

A study published in New England journal concluded that men with an insufficient calcium in their diets are twice as susceptible to the formation of kidney stones, compared to men who had diets rich in calcium. And guess what has good calcium stores? Kale – an essential for most Green drinks of course. Moreover, multiple trials and studies have concluded that calcium from Kale is more readily absorbed than calcium from milk.

Sooth Acid Indigestion

Every had that sick acid reflux in your throat that has troubled you for hours on end with a throat-wrenching pain? Or that stab of heartburn that made you clutch your chest tight and rendered you immobile? Turns out, the alkaline nature of Green Drinks directly counteracts these acidic processes within the body. So you know what to do next time in either of these situations.

Provide A Healthier Skin

A lot of Green drinks have this amazing ingredient called Citrus, or Vitamin C; some from compressed and squeezed oranges, while others may have it from similarly treated lemons. This, combined with added water intake, is essentially miraculous for your skin… making it noticeably softer, smoother and glowing in a matter of days.

Boost Brain Power

Many Green drinks have been extensively studied to promote cognitive potential and functioning of the brain in various individuals, ranging from young adults to the elderly. While regular (processed) foods might make you feel slow and sluggish after a hefty meal, green drinks tend to do the opposite: make you feel a lot smarter, faster and energized. Hence, we recommend taking them at breakfast, granting you a lively day ahead.

Rejuvenate And Replenish Your Body

Many Green drinks, because of being loaded with so many leafy vegetables, contain this amazing substance known as chlorine. Chlorine has various benefits for the human body, ranging from being good for your gut and immune system to acting as a detoxidant. Moreover, some studies have concluded that it can prevent anemia, aid dental problems and even reduce some symptoms of sinusitis and helps prevent insomnia. It essentially supports the functioning of your entire body to an extent.

Lowers Cholesterol And Blood Pressure

Green drinks, alongside all the benefits mentioned above, also target the cardiovascular health of an individual, preventing the formation of plaques in blood vessels and other spikes in cholesterol. This is likely to reduce any person’s chances of succumbing to Coronary Heart Disease and should improve their cardiovascular health in the long run, placing less stress on the heart.

Prevent Chronic Diseases

Several studies into healthy diets and nutrition have concluded that people who – on a regular basis – consume fruits and vegetables are significantly less likely to develop diseases like cancer, obesity, diabetes or CHD later in their life. Therefore, Green drinks have therapeutic effects for a whole host of such diseases including various allergies, Alzheimer’s disease, Arthritis & Gout, Cancer, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and Strokes.

Relieve Symptoms Of Depression And Promote A Healthier Lifestyle

As many as 1 out of 6 people in the United States suffer from clinical depression, at least once in their lifetime. But only about half of these people ever seek proper medical care and attention to address their condition. While definitely not a substitute for such medical care, Green drinks do contain high levels of folic acid (usually found in green vegetables) that is scientifically known to alleviate signs and symptoms of depression. Mayo Clinic has gone so far as to report that people who suffer from depression are likely to have a folic acid deficiency.

Moreover, consumption of such Green drinks allows any individual to take a step in the direction of a healthier lifestyle while not being too committal or overloaded with information that beginners can be. Therefore, it creates accountability and a certain level of pride to be a person who takes care of their health on a regular basis, in an efficient manner.