10 powerful ways to boost your immune system.

1: The first thing is always the breath, without it, nothing wRight Way Athletic Greensorks. So do some deep breathing right now, take a deep breath. Empty yourself completely, and then fill up completely, do this at least 10-times wherever / whenever you can.
Breathing can give you more energy, it can help you get rid of nervousness, it can make you relax, and it can also help you sleep better.

Another powerful breathing technique, to practise, can be to fill up completely and continue sucking in more air. Make yourself comfortable take a deep breath. Then kind of suck in even more air. Almost like you are swallowing in more air, hold, suck in more, hold, and do this with small reps. My comfortable limit is 20 reps after I have taken a deep breath first. This is different for everybody, just reach the threshold for just where it starts to get uncomfortable, hold it for 10-20 seconds.  Then just let it go completely…….feel the relief. This can cure nervousness and help you release tension. You can just do it even when you feel ok, just to feel even better.

2: Drinking water, only pure water, (not juice/tea/coffee), pure water is the Water Athletic Greenshigh-tech fluid for your immune system boost regime. Drink plenty throughout the day. Reach 3-4 liters per day if you can, it can require some weeks, months to ramp it up (which is recommended) and always listen to your body’s signals, take responsibility and follow your inner guidance. This is the best body cleansing program, before anything else. Water and breathwork is the most powerful. (breath and water is like meditation and yoga) It can get rid of headache’s, it can help cleanse your body in the most powerful ways.

3: Meditation, doing 10-20 min of meditation daily in the morning, or if you wake up during the night, do some meditation, it is very easy and simple, but very powerful. Meditation helps you strengthen your immune system by relaxing your nervous system, mind, brain. It helps you let go of issues, and helps you with a lot of ailments. If you ever wake up during the night to go to the toilet, you do the meditation then and there, because the nightly meditation is the most powerful ones, then the morning is the second most powerful.

How to meditate? Tell yourself why you want to meditate, so you  have an intention, like: I want to meditate now because I want to feel even better. Because I want to find stillness, because I want to find inner guidance. Start by turning of all things, like phones, and sit in a comfortable position, focus on your breath, feel the air in your nostrils or mouth, and if your mind wanders, just get back to focus on your breath again. You can also, start with telling your different body parts to “relax, let go”. Start from the top of your head and down to your toes, or the other way, whatever feels right for you. Meditation helps you have a clearer mind, it connects you better to your intuition, and it stimulates your body in endless positive ways.

4: Yoga, stretching, makes your meditation become even more powerful, and easier to let go of tension in your body. Sometimes it’s better to ask for your inner guidance on how to do your own yoga. By following your intuition instead of following too much of the yoga classes it will help you connect and trust yourself more. You are the one that knows your body the best. Yoga helps you get stronger emotionally. Find a place to play in the grass where you do some stretching and meditation by asking for inner guidance. Make a statement like this before you start your personal yoga class: “Today, I would like to be guided by source energy. I would like to practice the vibration of non-resistance, to let source flow light into my body, to be in the receptive mode and let source guide and direct my behaviour, movements and activity for the optimum flowing of energy!” (from Abraham Hicks material)

Dreaming Athletic Greens

5: Dreaming at night, remembering dreams, helps your immune system to boost and balance yourself. How to remember your dreams?
Start by getting a journal, physical journaling book. Or write it on your phone, pc. You may also record your voice each time you wake up from a dream, and then write it down each day in a document. Then share it with friends for a good laugh or analysis. ( I love telling dreams to my friends and family if they are included in the dream, sometimes it’s hilarious and it make us all laugh (immune boosting).
Then after you have found  your journal, start telling yourself 3 times per hour: “I remember my dreams, dreams are fun, nightmares are healing, I journal all my dreams each night.” (if you have nightmares and you know you are dreaming (Lucid dreaming) instead of running away from whatever is scary, turn around and face it, say hello, how can I help you? Send it love) Remembering dreams can be the most healing thing you can do after: Breathing/Water/Meditation, dreaming kind of shares the importance level as meditation and yoga. Highly immune boosting.

6: Exercise, do the exercise that you like,Exercise Fun Athletic Greens the one that feels good, if you only like shorter run’s, then do it intensely for 1-2 minutes, and then relax for 2-3 minutes, and repeat, and do this upto 15 minutes, and your done for the day, do this whenever you want, or every 2-3 days. And find some other things that you like to do that fits you the best. Even walking is very powerful. All this get’s your juices flowing, and boosts your immune system a lot.

Eating intuitively
7: Eat what feels right for your body, ask yourself, what’s the most satisfying thing I could eat? What does my body need to have optimal health? Follow your intuition, and go for it.

8: Fasting, do a water fast, completely only water, no medicine, no vitamins, no coffee, no green juice, only water fasting. Three days of fasting gives your activates your stem cells, which is very healthy.
The advanced yogis can mix water fasting with their own urine, but not all people can manage to do that. The reason I mention drinking your own urine, is because it is filtered water, it tells your own body how your body is at this minute, and it corrects it and balances it how it should be now. Do some research in this area if you would like to.

9: Earthing, walk barefoot in the grass. As long as the groundEarthing Grounding Athletic Greens is a little bit moist and not to dry and hard. After a while you will get used to it and you will relax doing it. You will feel like your feet are seeing the ground. Walking barefoot is also giving your feets acupressure. This will stimulate all your body and loosen up tension, which also is immune boosting.
You may also sleep with this. Connect your feet to the ground contact in your power outlet, needs do be done right (with a fuse). And you can sleep with it during the night. Or check out the >>Grounding mat here<<

Drink Green Juice
10: Green juice’s health benefits: It gives you a lot of important immune boosting nutrition. Green Juice soaks your body with plant nutrients and chlorophyll. Chlorophyll strengthens your immune system, it helps control inflammation, increases red blood cell production, and helps enhance your cell’s ability to carry oxygen. Oxygen again is the number #1 immune boosting activity.
Green substance is producers that traps light energy from the sun,Athletic Greens which is then used to combine carbon dioxide and water into sugars in the process of photosynthesis. Chlorophyll is vital for photosynthesis, which helps plants get energy from light. So Green Juices is an extremely immune boosting drink. On of he Green drink’s we recommend is Athletic Greens:

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