With an increasing lack of proper nutrients in our whole foods, the 21st century has brought all of us closer to a health epidemic. In such times, we understand you’d be wondering how to provide the proper nutrition to maintain your family’s health and fitness. Well, traversing the landscapes of the net, we’ve compiled the 10 healthiest superfood green recipes to cater to specifically that.


Organifi is strict superfood comprising moringa and ashwaghanda roots and provides the user with their daily dose of all essential vitamins and minerals in one serving. Moreover, it’s also produced without gluten, soy and any form of GMOs and is a rare vegan option for the green drink enthusiasts. Its benefits include rejuvenation of the brain and prevention of its degeneration while improving the health of your immune system.

Lastly, many users have even vouched in favour of its delicious minty taste and argue it’s unlike any other Green drink they’ve tried. However, the only drawback is that Organifi does not offer a healthy blend of enzymes, probiotics and proteins like other drinks on this list.

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Athletic Greens

While we agree that this option is a tad bit expensive compared to the others on the list, going through the mixture of its ingredients and the benefits it offers, you’re likely to agree that it’s very well worth it. Not only is it a completely organic and natural blend of over 75 healthy ingredients providing you with a stable supply of minerals and vitamins, it’s completely free of any herbicides, GMOs, pesticides, gluten, wheat, dairy, corn, lactose, sucrose, dextrose, yeast, peanuts, egg or animal products.

This allows you to enjoy the benefits of healthy living that Athletic Greens offers without the potential drawback of engaging in consuming any of the mentioned controversial ingredients.

Moreover, this propriety blend has a unique taste of “glass clippings” according to users and hence is quite easy on the stomach as it goes down.

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Super Greens

If you’re just starting out with Green drinks, we’d especially recommend Super Greens as it provides you with an easy approach towards maintaining and improving your health while not being as much of a stickler to the rules as you’d have seen some health-conscious people be. Don’t think that it doesn’t get the job done, however, as Super Greens easily offers a great blend to address your energy, immunity and digestion, all in an extremely convenient manner.

The ingredients of Super Greens include organic barley, alfalfa grass, spirulina powder, chlorella, apple, spinach, wheat grass, eleuthero root, digestive enzymes, royal jelly, probiotics, and vegetable and fruit extracts. Lastly, it’s also free from the use of any GMOs in its production process.

Total Living

Total Living is also a great alternative to meeting your health and fitness goals and achieving your dream physique. Not only is it made from a special blend of fourteen superfoods but each serving includes at least 15g of all of them. That fact alone makes Total Living one of the best Green Drinks on the market, speaking in terms of nutritional content. To provide you with a comparison, one serving of Total Living is equivalent to seven servings of fruits and veggies.

This does not only make it a healthy meal substitute for weight loss, but adding to that is the fact that most – If not all – consumers of Total Living have concluded that it’s easily the tastiest on the market!

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Fermented Greens

This blend is full of antioxidants, phytonutrients and friendly bacteria, making it great for your immune system and gut. Moreover, it’s soy and gluten free and a certified 100% vegan readers.

The only drawback that people seem to face is that its taste is not as readily appealing as some other options on this list.

Shakeology Greenberry

This is a little on the pricey side but a great blend for people wishing to lose weight as it contains all required minerals, vitamins, proteins and carbs required by people at a meal – making it a great substitute. Moreover, it also provides the body with Omega Fatty Acids that the body cannot produce on its own and need to be consumed. It’s produced from an anti-oxidant super-fruit blend, a unique herbal blend, a phytonutrient super-green blend and a proprietary fruit powder blend, making it an extremely good and nutritionally viable option.

Green Vibrance

Green Vibrance includes natural and exotic ingredients like rare fruits, vegetables and even sea algae. Many consumers admire the transparency present in its production process which comprises no less than over thirty-two ingredients, the knowledge about which is readily available to the users. Moreover, it also offers a great blend of anti-oxidants and is rich in fiber, enzymes and probiotics while providing a whole host of vitamins (from A to K) to its consumers.
However, keep in mind that some people do find the taste to be a little too strong for them.

Healthforce Vitamineral Green

Healthforce Vitamineral Green is quite a well-rounded and balanced drink that offers great nutritional value due to the juicing of its ingredients involved in the production process. Some ingredients used are so rare that identifying them even using the internet would be a hassle for some folks. Lastly, the blend is completely organic and, according to users, has quite a great taste.

Garden Of Life

In all, 18 different superfoods including beets and ginger are used to create this amazing propriety blend. Probiotics and enzymes are also added to increase the nutritional value but do not make up a significant proportion of the blend which is otherwise not as potent. However, it’s easily one of the cheapest drinks in the market with less than $1.00 serving and can be great for those who’re just starting to get their healthy lifestyle in order.

Emerald Balance Superfood

This drink is rich in fiber while combining a healthy blend of other great superfoods to provide you a drink that targets your gut and immune system. It also has a great earthy taste that is appealing to a lot of users and quite a distinctly pleasant smell as well, both of which add to building and maintaining a great texture and experience of consuming this incredible product.